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Money and Spirituality: Integrating Taboo with the Sacred (Online)

A Six-week Online Course with Karen McAllister

You might be someone whose spiritual life has always been an important part of who you are, and yet, perhaps you’ve never quite “made it” in terms of feeling secure financially in your own life. And this might possibly extend out into your workplace. Perhaps you are part of the leadership team for an organization or business with a great mission but all you end up doing is balancing budgets and cutting costs instead of increasing revenue streams. This might be even more so because of COVID.

Whether you are a leader or manager, or have your own small-to-medium-sized business, many people have challenges, anxieties and fears around money. And this has worsened due to what author David T. Courtwright coined as “limbic capitalism,” with global industries encouraging excessive consumption. The movie “Social Dilemma” depicts how companies have reached the point where they’re actually designing excessive consumption and even addiction to increase the financial bottom line.

27 February - 03 April
10:00 - 11:00