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Focused Marketing: How to Build a Strategy

When a business owner is asked about their marketing strategy, many think about their website, social media or advertising. All those things are a part of marketing, but they are not strategy. They are tactics.

Tactics are only as effective as the strategy behind them— the WHY of marketing.

In this session, Cathy Burrell, WeBC Client Services Coordinator will walk you through the seven steps of creating a marketing strategy. You’ll learn how to concentrate on your best potential customers and deliver a clear, consistent and appealing message that improves your “batting average” and reduces wasted time, energy and money.

This workshop will help you understand:

  • WHY you need a clear understanding of who your best customer is
  • WHAT message and tools will work best for YOU and your ideal customers
  • HOW you will reach your ideal customers using marketing tools
  • WHAT actions you will take to achieve your marketing goals

Includes the downloadable Focused Marketing workbook ($15 value).

This is the second session in a 3-part series Maximum Marketing, Minimum Effort: Build a Strategy Specific to Your Business. Click here to register to the series and save $10.