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Financial Statements Session 2: Reading your Financial Reports
By Basin Business Advisor Program

Your bank account isn’t the only way to see how your business is doing. Learn how to read your financial statements and have a meaningful dialogue with your accountant and bookkeeper. Sign-up for the series and start understanding your financial reports.

Session 2: Reading your Financial Reports – from Profit and Loss to Cashflow Statements

Next Session: Thursday, July 14 (11:00 AM – 12:30 PM PST/ 12:00 – 1:30 PM MST)

Hosted by: Danny Turner

There are five basic reports everyone business owner should have. In this webinar, learn all about:

  • Understanding your cashflow – income and cash flow statements
  • Understanding your financial health – balance sheet and aging reports
  • Seeing who you owe and who owes you
  • Deciding who in your business owns what reports
  • Why cash flow can be more important than profit

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Our Education Series Webinars are provided at no cost to all businesses based in the Columbia Basin Region. This investment in your business is provided by the Basin Business Advisors and funded by the Columbia Basin Trust.