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Summit Leadership - Peak One (Golden)
By College of the Rockies

What kind of leader are you? To be an effective leader it is important to understand what your leadership style is, and what type of leadership is best suited for your team. Peak One focuses on developing your individual leadership and communication skills, learning to lead with fairness, and utilizing emotional intelligence.

In Peak One you will explore:

  • Your leadership style
  • Leading with emotional intelligence
  • Values based leadership
  • Communicating with authenticity

The Summit Leadership Series covers critical skills to being successful when leading teams in today’s organizational landscape. The 36-hour program includes three levels: Peak One, Two and Three. More information can be found here:

Cost of Peak One: $495.00
Reference ID: PVBM-671
Location: Golden Campus


  • Monday 3 April 2023, 9am - 4pm
  • Monday 17 April 2023, 9am - 4pm

Register here: