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Uncover Unconscious Bias to Become an Inclusive Leader

Creating a business culture where everyone feels they belong is a process. Whether you have a team or run the business solo, you have the power to create a business climate where everyone is encouraged and expected to be exactly who they are—from your team to your clients and the community you serve.


Unconscious bias is a result of shortcuts your brain makes, so if you have a brain, you have bias. But you can interrupt your own bias so you can avoid subtle acts of exclusion, and this session will teach you some strategies to do just that.


In this session, Executive Leadership Coach Sandra Horton will lead the group through interactive exercises so you can:

  • Understand the benefits of creating an inclusive business culture
  •  Identify examples of unconscious bias in your own life
  •  Champion the behaviour of inclusive leaders
  •  Implement inclusive leadership strategies in your business


This is part of the Strong and Impactful: Leadership Practices for Women Business Owners. Join the series of three webinars for $50.

15 June
10:00 - 12:00